Who We Are

Volunteer Nepal opened in 2004 as a way to bring knowledgeable and compassionate individuals to teach and mentor the children of Nepal Orphans Home. The response, both heartening and encouraging, led us to develop placements across Nepal where these volunteers would experience the profound natural beauty of Nepal and its culture while uplifting the spirit and lifestyle of the villages they served.

Nepal Orphans Home attends to the welfare of children in Nepal who are orphaned, abandoned, or not supported by their parents. Papa’s House provides for the children’s basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, as well as schooling and health care, and administers to their emotional needs with love and compassion. Papa’s House allows children to grow up in a nurturing environment. The mission of Nepal Orphans Home is not just to rescue children from abject poverty, but to enable the children to develop and realize their potentials. 

Contact Us

For more information about the program, please contact us at info@volunteernepal.com.

On weekdays we respond to email within 24 hours. Messages received in Nepal after 5 p.m. Friday will be answered on Monday. In case of emergency please contact at Sunita Pandey at sunita.pandey@nepalorphanshome.org. Thank you!