Joshua at Everest Children's Home

Mother Sister Organization, also known as Everest Children Home is a really unique place. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there playing with the kids, learning new games, and helping teach English. The hosts are very kind and hospitable, and are very eager to accept any help from the volunteers. The orphanage is still kind of new and as such, they are still learning better ways to run the program, take care of the kids, and make things run smoother. Being the first volunteer for them, I helped create a schedule for the kids to follow both on holidays and during the school year. The kids are very respectful and enjoyed the new system that was implemented. The kids range from 3 to 15 and the older ones were very helpful in keeping the younger ones on task. The owners, Mina and Umesh, have done a wonderful job of creating a family-like environment and allowing for the place to grow in a way that is best for the kids.

Tips and considerations for your stay:

  • Daal Bhat is served twice a day so I suggest bringing other snacks if you want some variety in your diet. There's also a small shop down the road where you can get some snacks if you need them.
  • There's no WiFi or at least not when I was there so bring some books for down time.
  • There is a group of volunteers called Conscious Impact in the area and their camp is a 25-minute walk from the orphanage. This is helpful if you want to have a conversation in English, borrow some WiFi, or borrow a book from their library. They are very kind and were happy to have me come and visit from time to time. This place is especially helpful when you get lonely at the orphanage and want to have an easy English conversation.
  • The views are beautiful and there a lot of places to hike if you so choose.
  • On the schedule, there is a time for exercise/hiking. During this time, I usually took the kids to play soccer on the hill but if you go hiking early on in your visit then you can take the kids during that time too.
  • Go in to this place trying to learn as much as you want to teach, the kids have a lot of fun games they make up, and they will teach you a lot if you let them.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for things, they are more than happy to help make your time here the best it can be.

I had a lot of fun here and I would definitely go back if given the chance.