Jameson in Ghandruk

Choosing this placement proved to be one of the best decisions my friend and I made throughout our time in Nepal. We spent two full weeks in Nepal, and we were very fortunate to have spent the majority of that time in Ghandruk. The trip to get to our placement was a bit tumultuous, but once we arrived it was all completely worth it. Our VN guide, Himal, made the traveling fun, and we were able to comfortably and confidently make the two day trip back to Kathmandu on our own after spending the night in Pokhara and paragliding the following morning! 

The school that we helped teach at was very small, and the kids who went there were in clear need of help. There were five small classes, and the school didn’t have enough teachers to have one in each class. As sad as this was, it did make us feel like we were actually making a difference just by being there and committing our entire days to helping improve the English skills of these kids. They all had such an impressive attentiveness and desire to learn for their age, which made the experience that much better. We enjoyed playing games with the kids both inside and outside of the classroom such as Hangman, Pictionary, and soccer. These games really helped release some energy whenever the kids were starting to lose focus in class. 

We enjoyed our accommodations at the trekkers’ lodge which was owned by the chairman of the school. We were told that this placement was one of the more comfortable ones once you get there. We had warm showers, great food, and comfortable beds every day. I would highly recommend this placement to any volunteer, no matter how long or short your stay is. It allowed us to see both the busy cities, and the extremely remote and beautiful villages of Nepal, and we were able to teach and make a difference in a place that we could have never before imagined. Everything about this experience makes me feel compelled to make a return trip for even longer, and I can’t thank the Volunteer Nepal organization enough for their help in organizing this experience of a lifetime!

Packing list for our trip in May-June: (temperatures ranged from ~60 for the low to ~80 for the high in Fahrenheit) 

  1. Both pants and shorts
  2. Fleece and rain jacket
  3. Hiking boots and tennis shoes
  4. GRAYL Filter water bottle (only need one per group)
  5. Sleeping sheet OR sleeping bag
  6. Hat and (preferably) sunglasses 
  7. Download the Maps.me app on your phone for navigation