An Experience to Discern

An Experience to Discern:

Personally, coming to the Himalayan range was a life goal since I was a child; having the help from Volunteer Nepal to achieve and empower this dream was a blessing.

After arriving in Kathmandu I was perfectly clear where I would g: Bigu, a Tibetan Nunnery near the Gaurishankar protected region. The isolation and mountain (Nepali call them hills since mountains are 5000+ meters ) views would be my main goals to sink in.

Himal made plans to leave the house at 5 m catch the local bus at 5:30 and arrive in Singati in the afternoon. After arriving in Singati, we caught a local jeep that took us to the base of a mountain near the last river crossing. We started to hike at 5pm and arrived in the monastery at 8.30, one and a half hour after sunset. During the monsoon season, these hills become infested with leeches and they do their job really well. They stick on you, they walk on you and they suck your blood if you’re not aware of their presence.  Despite the discomfort nothing major happened.

The next day was a rest day; after meeting Suchitra she invited me to join her on a hike to DevDhunga with the local people. They were celebrating the holiday by going to DevDhunga offering something in return for their wishes. I woke up at 4, left at 4:15 and, after climbing for 4 hours, we reached our goal in the top of the hill where a big rock (dunga) lays with a small shrine below. The mist had set in so the views weren’t great, but the feeling of accomplishment and happiness were not suppressed by this. After the strenuous climb, the descent was also not easy; as it is common in Nepal, many steps separate the low mountains from the high hills.

The plan was to teach English at the Nunnery however, as each man has their luck, my own was about to surface. One of the Guru, Jampa, had a problem in his computer and asked if I could help him. After concluding that the laptop was infected with a strange virus (every file copied to a USB stick would spontaneously convert to a link and the file disappear) it was best to format it. I booted the computer into safe mode to copy important files to a clean USB and then recovered the laptop to its factory state. After speaking with the master Guru about meditation, I then asked him if they had more computers. After the Earthquake in 2015, the computers fell to the ground and were stored in a shed full of dust. The computer boxes were damaged, but the internals were OK. After 4 days of struggling with the power outages, keyboards, mouse and displays not working and the English lessons, I managed to get 2 of the 4 computers in working condition.

The rumour spread out that I fix computers and suddenly I was known as the Engineer Who Fixes Electronics which led to having other laptops and tablets to fix. All the laptops and desktops I fixed in Bigu had the same virus, and the solution was the same for all of them.

Whenever I do something for others that is simple for me, I don’t take it as important, since for me it is trivial. For them was a major change; having 2 working computers for the students to type letters, draw paintings, watch videos and pictures was something that only before the earthquake was possible, now it is real again.