Meet Michael

Introducing one of our most resilient and hardworking volunteers: Michael Schwartz. He first joined our program during the winter of 2017, and since has been a constant support to the children of EDUC, SERC and OCPF. Quite witty in nature, he is admired for his perseverance and his dedication to better serve children and communities.
This March will be Mike's third time volunteering with us. When asked what draws him to Volunteer Nepal, he simply smiles and says, “It feels like home.” He has not only been a frequent volunteer in Nepal the past several years, but he has also traveled across numerous countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia as a volunteer. To Mike, he is doing his bit to bring change, one step at a time. From all of us at Volunteer Nepal, thank you so much! We are very excited to see you again in March.