Program Schedule


What is the next step?

Here are the steps for the application and placement process:

  • Learn more about our program on the website
  • Apply and Pay Application Fee
  • Receive acceptance letter, Volunteer Manual, and placement information
  • Correspond with VN staff about placement possibilities
  • Make flight arrangements and send the details to VN staff
  • Pay Program Fee
  • Arrive, participate in orientation, and make final placement decision

What else should I know?

Visas, available at the airport in Kathmandu upon arrival, are currently limited to five months in any given year; however, if you want to volunteer for more than five months, you can adjust your start time to begin in August, and then obtain a new visa and add five months of the following year. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to obtain and pay for his or her own visa.

Some of the Hindu festivals are large and exciting, and you might want to be there for them. There are also certain auspicious months for Nepalese marriages, and that can be a memorable experience as well.

Additionally, there are festivals that the Buddhists and Muslims celebrate that are poignant and moving. There are also festivals that involve the widespread sacrificing of livestock, goats and water buffalo. These can be difficult for those who are strict vegetarians and have a strong compassion for life. There are some common festivals celebrated by all, but for the most part a festival is meant to mark an important religious event in the particular sect's history.

Often during a festival all normal activity is brought to a halt and your assignment may be as well, but usually it is for a few days only and can be seen as a welcome change in your life as a volunteer.

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