Cultural Exchange

This program places volunteers anywhere in Nepal that they would like to explore. Nepal is large and very diverse. We can place you with a family in the mountains, the valley, the jungle, the desert region, or in Kathmandu and you will spend your days working alongside the family you are staying with. Each region has its own standards when it comes to religious practices and cultural mores.

You may wish to experience village planting or harvesting--no experience necessary.  The Nepalese are prodigious farmers who can turn any small patch of ground into a bountiful crop.  consider heading for a remote location and you will put in long days in the field working side by side and appreciate the humor and faith of these hard-working people.  Placements are limited by seasons, of course.  Please inquire early if this endeavor interests you. 

You will live with a family in your chosen location and adopt the life style practiced there. It will be incumbent upon you as a volunteer to personalize the experience and share with your host family and with the community your own life lessons and practices, with an obvious respect for theirs. You will be encouraged to help your host family in the many daily tasks that their life requires of them.