Develop an Individualized Project

We have always taken great care in arranging special placements for individuals who want a tailor-made experience, be it living with and studying under Shamans or attending cultural festivals that are unique among all other Nepalese festivals.  Anthropological, sociological, and medical placements in remote areas are well within out network.  Some volunteers arrange to receive course credit for the projects they undertake and, given advance notice of requirements and deadlines, we are happy to help with providing necessary documentation for the work completed.

Programs designed to improve community health and environmental awareness exist in all of the placements where we have schools and medical clinics.  Placements can provide the platform to work with the local individuals by conducting workshops or leading campaigns with an emphasis on teaching sanitary and hygienic practices, and offering solutions to environmental challenges.

In many villages, cultural and religious practices such as sending women to cow sheds during their menstrual cycle and for the first week after delivering their babies still exist. Using translators provided by Volunteer Nepal, knowledgeable volunteers are able to educate not only the women, but more importantly the men as to the obvious health hazards in these traditional beliefs.

Improve Community Health in NepalIn villages and often in the Kathmandu Valley, cooking is done inside the house on open fires of twigs and trash.  Teaching villagers how to produce slow burning and mostly smokeless energy briquettes from environmental debris, and demonstrating how to vent the open hearth fires to the outside brings immediate health benefits to the families.

We has also organized numerous custom placements based on specific volunteer skills, such as journalism and construction.  Building trash containers, compost bins, community toilets, livestock pens, water delivery through piping, and offering health seminars on nutrition, first aid, hygiene, recycling, water purifying and women’s issues are just a few of the many possibilities in this very rewarding opportunity.