Teach at a School

Our teaching programs are most important to us. We feel that only through education will Nepal ever be able to rise above its historic economic and social dysfunction.  Volunteers do not have to be professional teachers, though these are highly prized; you simply need an open heart and a desire to improve the individual understanding of children and adults of academics and the world in general. We have a volunteer-generated teaching manual and will work with you during orientation to prepare you for the classroom.

Our placements are located throughout Nepal, so choose the geography that best suits you. One of our highest-need teaching placements is a small school in a rural Dalit village atop a hill in Eastern Nepal. The local population is of a low caste according to the Hindu culture, very disadvantaged in relation to many other regions. The people of this village live a difficult life, but they still show volunteers an inspiring amount of hospitality.  Nepal Orphans Home supports the school with supplies, school maintenance, and hot lunches for the children, and our volunteers are often the only opportunity the students have to gain English language instruction from a native speaker.

Teach at a School in NepalWe have other teaching assignments in small villages surrounded by 5-6 thousand meter peaks; in the jungle area known as the Terai, which borders India where the Hindu religion is daily observed in colorful ceremonies; and in the far west’s windblown desolation and rich flora and fauna of the national game preserves.

In the Kathmandu Valley we have teaching assignments that allow the volunteer to remain at the volunteer house and commute each day. From schools with limited resources to others established specifically for underprivileged children or those with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities, our volunteers can experience a variety of situations and areas of high need.  

Teaching is one of the most rewarding of the assignments. Your presence will open hearts and minds to life outside of a small village where ideas of life beyond their small corner of the world are seldom generated. Teaching the students and inspiring the teachers with new methods will leave your legacy in place.