A Volunteer Farewell

From the farewell of a recent volunteer who spent four months teaching in rural Nepali schools:


I’m going to miss my friends here at the Volunteer House, and those that I have made on placement.

I’m going to miss the language, and the way that Nepali people speak English; they bring so much light and humour to my day.

I’m going to miss the challenges faced by walking into a room full of little children that hardly speak English, and having to think on the spot..!

I’m going to miss challenging cultural, social and language barriers with hugs, and openness, and seeing where this takes you.

I’m going to miss the underlying holiness amongst the chaos and poverty of a country like Nepal; so deeply rooted in religious customs, traditions, history; but so poor and so contradictory, so many problems.

Everything about Nepal is kind of crazy and weird; and I’m pretty crazy and weird, so I feel like I fit in pretty well here.

I’m so thankful for the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet – adults and children alike, who have equally made lasting impacts on my life and heart.

I cannot recommend Volunteer Nepal enough; to anyone looking to open their eyes and hearts to something very special, then I would not hesitate.