Living With the Border Blockade

Life in Nepal has been even harder than usual for the last 4 months as people learn to live with the Indian border blockade. Resources such as cooking gas and fuel are scarce and expensive. Hospitals are running low on medications such as insulin, blood pressure medication and medicated dressings for burns. Many of the people worst affected by the April earthquake live in very remote areas and have not been able to source fuel, warm clothes or adequate shelter as winter begins.

The children and staff of Nepal Orphans Home and Volunteer Nepal are managing the best they can, supplementing intermittent deliveries of cooking gas with outdoor cooking fires. Buses are dangerously overcrowded and taxi prices are soaring, so most of the time people are choosing to walk. The biggest impact on day to day life is the expense of food and the frequent power outages. The food usually imported from India such as lentils, oils and noodles are particularly hard to source. As people rely on electricity  more and more to cook, the ever present power outages are stretching longer and longer.

Volunteer House is coping well and we are accepting applications as usual. We are lucky enough to have solar heated water for showers. So far we have had enough cooking gas and we have been using electricity more and more where we can. Our lovely didi Kalpana  even makes sure we can always warm up with some hot tea- whenever the electricity comes on she runs to switch on our new electric kettle and fill flasks.
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Eileen Witham